U.S. Chemical & Plastics - better known as USC - is the name
that collision repair professionals know and trust.

It's a name with 50+ years of experience under its belt. It's the name that you know for shop staples like Feather-Rite® and Duraglas®. It's the name you go to for everything from masking and papers, to lightweight and premium body fillers, hardeners and even Euro-glam clears.

USC has set the industry standard when it comes to formulating and manufacturing high performance repair and refinishing products. In fact, we were the first body filler manufacturer in the U.S. and today, we continue to lead with the industry's best products here in the U.S. and abroad.

From production shops to one-off custom
builders like Taylor Schultz, Schultz Designz,
new USC Garage® job-packs have proved to
be powerful products.  Taylor turns to USC®
and these new job packs for just about 
everything in his West Coast shop where he
builds and details custom bikes and helmets.

We Understand the Importance Of

Continually Providing Shops With Proven Performers.

Dominator®.  Gold Pro Abrasives.  USC® Grip and Icing® Lite.  USC Garage.


Quality control and testing to ensure the highest quality standards are not only met but exceeded.

Innovation to stay on top of the trends to provide you with the products you need to continually improve process and turn more jobs.

Customer and technical service to provide you with the know-how to use our products they way they were designed to be used-to build and re-build vehicles, and to last.