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Body fillers, putties, fiberglass repair products, truck bed liners, masking, abrasives and more from USC to get the job done and the job done right.
Confirm compliance with national, state, and local air quality rules before use.
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Take sanding to a whole new level with Gold Pro . Smart-sized packs, simplified pricing, patented, time-saving designs and advanced materials designed for durability.
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When we say we have everything you need to repair and rebuild vehicles, we mean it. Our new, comprehensive line of aerosols are designed for professional use, with 17 items that perform to the high standards you have come to expect from USC®.
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Body Fillers

Body fillers, putties, fiberglass repair products, truck bed liners, masking, abrasives and more from USC get the job done and the job done right.
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Specialty Body Fillers

Metal. Aluminum. Fiberglass. Wood, Masonry and concrete. We’re got you covered with specially-formulated fillers to repair everything from minor body work to rust-outs, tears and cracks.
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Finishing Glazes and Putties

USC’s self-leveling polyester finishing and glazing putties are formulated with the highest quality reins available, ensuring smooth application and the ultimate pinhole-free finish.
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Hardeners and Additives

The right hardener ensures precise curing and ultimate performance. USC’s cream hardeners come in a variety of colors and sizes to meet the diverse needs of your shop or garage.
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Fiberglass Repair

From heavy, non-sag formulas that are perfect for fixing holes, tears, cracks and rust-outs, to fiberglass mat and cloth for custom creations, USC fiberglass products are versatile and hardworking.
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Truck Bed Liner

USC’s Dominator and Defender Truck Bed Liners are not only tough and durable, but waterproof, UV resistant to chalking and tintable.
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USC offers a wide selection of automotive repair accessory products, from sprayers to painter’s pails to cloths.
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Masking Products

From Sharkskin to blue poly-coated paper and liquid masking, USC delivers masking products that save you time and money.
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Refinish Products

USC offers products to strip old finishes and clean contaminants from refinish surfaces prior to priming and topping with durable, high-gloss clearcoat.
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